Payroll mistakes can happen faster than you think. For a second, think about the employees for whom monthly salary is the only source of income. Imagine what if the salary is not paid accurately or there is a delay in releasing salary. Such irregularities can take a toll on the morale of the employees and ultimately affect the business productivity.

While ensuring accurate and timely payment of salary is important, adhering to the various laws and regulations such as labor law, PF, PT and other statutory compliance is also critical. Non-adherence with these laws can attract serious legal and financial consequences.

Payroll outsourcing

If you outsource then we take care of your payroll function. Many organizations who do not have a dedicated person for payroll go for this option. It is cost effective compared to employ one dedicated person.Based on your pay cycle, every month provide employee salary information and other data such as attendance, leaves, reimbursement details, etc. to us.Ultimately we computes payroll and also takes care of statutory compliance.